Jennifer (astarianjewel) wrote in yourcheck,

Ruby Tuesdays ROCKS! ( SUCKS! )

So tonight.. for four hours.. I had to guard the salad bar again. I guess they think its going to wander off if a server isn't posted on duty to watch it.

I had to restock things as people devoured them. ( Does anyone REALLY need to eat that many boiled eggs?! ).

At one point, a very cute.. albeit.. not HOT by any stretch, but cute.. guy was standing in line as I was waiting to clean the bar up a bit. He said.. "If I'm in your way.. Just smack me and I'll move"..

I said.. "Oh no, sir! You're fine."

He said.. "I know I'm fine, but am I in your way?" with a sleazy wink and a smack on my back.

Suddenly I wanted to drown him in ranch dressing. Bleh. Men.

But then I'd have to refill it.
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