Jennifer (astarianjewel) wrote in yourcheck,

Today wasn't bad at all..

Today wasn't a bad day at all at work.

Ruby Tuesday has "zones". Not sections. And a zone is usually 9 tables. You have a partner, and you two rotate within the zone and are generally supposed to help your partner out. I like to work alone, and I prefer competent partners.

Today I had a girl who pretty much spent more time outside smoking than inside with me, and she didn't really want to work. I had finally about had it, and was ready to scream.. when the SPG ( Our snazzy term for a hostess ) came up to me and said..

"Jen. I really appreciate you. You're the only one in this f-ing resturant cleaning your tables and doing your job. Thank you so much."

And after that, I was just floating. :) It made me feel so nice. Because I DO do my job, and I DO care.

I averaged good tips and got out of there in under four hours. My GM is going on vacation for a week.. so that will be nice too. When the cats away the mice can play. WOO HOO.

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