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Well, its Valentines Day. I hope all of you with someone to spend it with have a great time. If you're going out to eat, try not to kill us servers/busses/your trained slave for the evening because of the wait time/mistakes the kitchen makes/slow service/your date not wanting to sleep with you. I, myself, will have the pleasure of being the only busser on, at a restaurant that seats around 70 max at one time...with a full serving staff. Tonight, we will be understaffed, because frankly...most places are dead this time of year, so half our servers found new jobs/just werent scheduled recently/have more than one job. We will have 3 servers, one of which is new, and me, your loving busgirl. The kitchen will also be understaffed, for the same reasons we are. We have NO dishwasher, because we haven't needed one since November. Things will be slow. We have no hostess, she quit because she didn't think she was making enough money, even though she was there for 4 weeks, still made very bad mistakes, and didn't help clean up or anything of the sort. This means the owner will play Host tonight, and have me playing hostess while he has other things to do. He will also be waiting tables, if necessary. And bussing tables. And doing dishes. He is a god. If you fuck with him, or the servers, I'm not going to be very nice. I don't HAVE to be nice. I'm just the busgirl. I should be nice, and I AM simply because most of you are nice to me. But...just remember. I have more control over your food, dishes, service, drinks, and wait time than anyone else there. Yes, this IS because I'm everybodys trained slave there, but just...remember that.

If you come into a restaurant, please tip well. If you ever come in again, chances are I will be the one to remember you, if you did or didn't. The service you recieve on your next visit will reflect this. Dear odd lady from England: Yes, I did remember where you sat and what you had the last time you were in, over a month ago. Yes, I am aware that that might appear odd. However, both times you came in 5 minutes till close. And tipped like...someone from England. No offense. Oh, and you had really bright pink lipstick and a really cute son. But, back to the topic. Tip well, I beg you. Or just be nice. I'll be happy if you're nice. This night will be hell for everyone in the restaurant business, please don't make it worse for us. Please? And don't ask why I'm not out with my boyfriend tonight...because 1) I don't have one, and 2) I'm here. Even if I had a boyfriend, I wouldn't *see* him tonight, because I'm *here*. And please, don't tell me you're sorry I have to be here. You're the reason. I mean, I appreciate the sympathy, but...

Anyone, I've got to start getting ready, at least mentally. So, to the general community: Have a great day and please treat your server/busser/bartender well tonight. I'll love you forever for it.
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