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Hi, I'm new here! (Well, not to livejournal, but to this community, rather)

I've had a lot of experience in the food service industry, and am currently working at Papa John's Pizza, in Knoxville, TN.

In the past, I've held just about every position in a kitchen. Dishwasher, food prep, sous chef, expiditer, you name it, I've probably done it. I've also been a waiter and a busboy at some point. Just about the only job I haven't filled in at any type of restaurant is that of manager, and to tell you the truth, I don't really want to be one. I wouldn't want to deal with the anguish of some customers in that capacity, not to mention that as a manager, I'd also have to deal with employee complaints as well...

Well, enough about that... Though stull like that is basically what this place is all about, right? Well, more on the "customer related" side, of course. So lets get on with this. I'll start off with last nights antics.

ASide from the fact that more than a few people have quit in the past couple days, it was a welcome reprieve that it was a Monday... Usually Mondays are dead. This Monday was no exception, except for the fact that the whole store was very undermanned.

Two in-store and two drivers, along with one manager. It was almost good enough for a set-up of some sort to happen. Luckily, by working our asses off we managed to curtail any disasters.

It pretty much happened when Andy, the other expected in-store employee, walked in to pick up his check. I could have sworn he had said he would be right back. We all thought that he was just going over to the bank to deposit his check, but he never came back. I found this really weird seeing as he had walked up behind me as I was looking over the roster chart for the day, and he had made a few comments on who else was working (or was supposed to be working) that day. I had no reason to believe that at that point he knew he was supposed to be working.

Much thanks to Kristy for helping to make the load a lot easier, yesterday! Thanks to Brandon, too, who stayed an extra two hours filling in for Andy during the "busy" rush.
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