Jason (damnitjen) wrote in yourcheck,

sheridans custard mgr blows

i go in kinda late (about 30 mins before they close) and ordered an item.
everything was great got im item but drove off and noticed no pecans on my icecream. hummmm..... why no pecans????? so i turn around cause im still in the parking lot and walk up to the window and explain what just happened. No big deal right just put some pecans on it and ill be on my way. the 16 year old took my cup of ice cream and walked to get the pecans and put them on top.. when the piss ant mgr desides to inform his employ of what she is doin wrong. Keep in mind im stand at the window about 10 feet from them. He, in a loud manner, asks her if i had eaten off it and i had... so he starts yelling at this poor little girl. "What are you doing? Did he eat off that? you cant just do that! Dont bring that back in here after he ate off that" at this point the confused girl looks like she is about to cry. Remember she has done nothing wrong to her knowledge. Mgr: "that is a huge helath violation! dont ever do that again! throw that away and get him a new one! Dont ever do that again!" the hold time he yelling loud enough that im outside cringing for this chick.
what a dick head. little piss ant thinks he has power cause he runs a ice cream place and is rude to his workers. There are ways to tell ppl how to do things and ways not to. Dont be a dick if its not necessary. he could have gotten his point across just as well with out being a cock sucker to her.
and im done
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