Jennifer (astarianjewel) wrote in yourcheck,


I went into work, and I helped them through their lunch rush.

Then the manager came into the office and said.. "We need to talk". It seems.. they hired two new girls, and they needed to split the shifts among the new employees, and they needed people to give up some shifts. I've hit overtime each week I was there, when they had asked me not too officially, so I was on their shit list.

They told me they were dropping me down to ten hours a week. Two serving shifts.

Or I could turn my card in, and move on.

I turned my card in. Which I really wondered if it was the best thing to do... but then the very next day, I landed a job working for MCI Hearing Impaired Customer Relay, and part time at Kohl's in the Jewelry department. So Imma happy camper. :)

I'm still going to stay here in YourCheck because I spent six years in restrants.. and its inevitable that it'll happen again soon, with us moving around.

How is everyone?

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