Jason (damnitjen) wrote in yourcheck,

damn bitch ass mgr.

so tonight is fri the busiest night next to sat in restaurants and chilis is no different. Except the mgr are retarded. They schedule 3 ppl out of 7 that only have a week or so experience on stations they cant really run then cant figure out why the night went bad. Food ran long all kinds of crap happened. So in the middle of the rush i find out all the bread i have for makin philis and sammiches is frozen solid and so it the turkey. im nuken food and bread trying to get out of the weeds with no avail then time to cook some Salmon and guess what?? they f'in frozen as well. so i put them on the grill and proceeded to cook them like i do when they are frozen. They go out to a table and sure enough one of the 3 comes back and is my fault and is underdone.. mistake not like i meant to do it right?? The bitch ass GM starts talkin shit like "why you tryin to make me look bad?" and is slamming around ad bitching and hittin stuff. I ignore him cause i dont really give a shit about him and for all i care he can fire me. Well as im cookin a new Salmon for these ppl the other 2 come back.. 9/10 of the way eatin sayin that there not cooked either... (BS they just want it comped off) SO the GM starts hittin the window and grabs a plate and slams it down and curses and slams it down again and it shatters. glass goes all over the window back at me an onto the food that i just set up. All of it has to be trashed and redone. all sauces and anything that glass could have gotten in has to be tossed out. I have never wanted to hit a GM like the way i did tonight. I was so hoping that i got cut so i could sue or something. Long story short if your a GM dont act like a bitch and dont act like a kid and pitch a fit. Shit goes wrong its gonna happen. Wish i could do something to get him in trouble with corporate for doin that shit. what an no talent ass clown. anyway
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